Working with us!


We want you to think, "that's a great bank!” We want you to enter into a lifetime relationship with us because you know that we understand you, and that we work hard to give you the best possible financial assistance. Everyone is committed to achieving this, using the below values. They determine everything we do.



We act in anticipation of the customer's needs by listening, learning what his desires are, envisioning ourselves in his position and adapting our products, services and attitude to maximize his convenience.


Each customer experience should add progressively to the customers' confidence in our bank. This constant reinforcement of trust is the essence of building long-term relationships. Reliability naturally implies that we are solid and trustworthy as a bank.


We display the qualities that mark a high-level banking professional: knowledge, skills, experience, intelligence and constant alertness. These qualities should be applied externally and internally. Individual professionalism and professionalism between colleagues, departments and branches are equally vital to an unbeatable customer experience.


We will constantly introduce new ideas, methods, products and services, or new ways of looking at them or experiencing them. Not only to stay ahead of the competition, but specifically to achieve a level of customer satisfaction and banking expertise that exceeds expectations time and again.


We have the will to excel and to be leaders in the perception of the customer. We are fully aware that a number one position is not something you claim, but something you deserve through visionary thinking, discipline and, most of all, hard work by every single member of the organization. We aim for leadership through continuous leadership in client-centered performance, not leadership for the sake of leadership.







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