Interview Tips:

We're looking forward to meeting you. To help you better prepare for our conversation, we'd like to offer you a few interview tips. 

Research our company in depth

  • Preparation is key to the success of the interview. 
  • Thoroughly review our entire website.
  • Talk to some of our current employees, if possible.

Identify your skills

  • Identify your top three skills or experiences you can offer. 
  • Identify your top three opportunities for improvement. 
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and sell yourself.

Prepare experiences and examples

  • Think about some stories you can tell from previous work experiences to back up your claims with evidence. 
  • Be prepared to prove your ability to work in teams, experience with conflict resolution, communication skills and decision-making skills. 
  • Consider developing a career portfolio and using it as a presentation prop during the interview.
  • Know what you want to do as you start your career. 
  • Recognize that, although how well you do in school is important, providing evidence of skills, experience and capabilities will separate you from the others.

Present a polished appearance

  • Dress professionally. 
  • Make sure your cell phone/mobile is turned off in advance of your interview. 
  • Get directions to the company ahead of time. 
  • Know where you are meeting your interviewer.

Get enough rest

Get a good night's sleep so you'll be physically, psychologically and emotionally at your best for the interview.

Make a solid first impression

  • Offer a firm handshake, good eye contact and confident body language.
  • Answer questions with confidence; if you are unsure of an answer, be honest about it.
  • First impressions count, so the first 30 seconds are crucial.

Prepare questions

  • Ask informed questions to demonstrate your level of interest in the position.
  • Prepare questions that will help you decide if the opportunity is a good fit.
  • Consider questions that are related to typical work assignments, the corporate culture, growth potential, team structure, new technologies, new products and travel.
  • Be original - don't ask the obvious questions. 


Practice closing your interview

  • Practice closing your interview to win the job.
  • Thank the interviewer for his or her time and inquire about the next steps.


Be ready for surprises

  •  You may take a pre-employment/assessment test or interview with more than one person.
  • It's always a good idea to ask what to expect prior to the interview.